big announcement

Okay, I'm not like, quit-quitting, but I'm making some serious changes in 2024, starting with my main OnlyFans. It's no longer a feasible way for me to make money, so I will be raising the monthly price to $25 to discourage people from subscribing monthly. (I can't delete my account for tax-related purposes, and I also want to allow those who want to continue viewing my OF-exclusive to do so, but I really don't want to use it as a major source of income anymore.)

I'm just burnt out and tired.
6+ years is a long time for me and I feel like I've already peaked in popularity and done all of the things I've been able to do enjoyably. I don't have the passion to continue to make this type of content anymore, and I'd rather take the pressure to produce off myself and use my energy to market myself in ways that reflect what I want to do more (like my DJing for example.)

This doesn't mean I'm done creating NSFW content and being online though. My goal is to release monthly Dropbox folders of whatever pics/videos/content I decide to make that month, and price it accordingly for anyone who wants access. I enjoy producing this kind of content, but I feel like what I want to do vs. what people want to see me do no longer line up, and it doesn't feel fair to keep charging a monthly fee under a guise that I'm going to be producing what everyone wants. Plus it's added pressure if I ever want to take a break and stop. That being said, I'll be using my free OF page for major updates and an inbox, but for the most part I'd like to utilize this website for all things of that nature.

The last 6 and a half years have been so much fun, and I don't want it to end. I just know that this isn't something I can continue longterm while also maintaining my mental and physical health. I would love some feedback on this little chat page that I made and linked to my homepage, since a flood of DMs on various platforms just sounds like a headache

Pearl Bastet